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Monday, February 6, 2012

Howard/Dad as a Young Man

I remember  Dad talking about how high the corn grew in Ohio. Think this is good proof.

Sometime in the 1920s the family moved to Tampa. Dad graduated from Hillsborough High in 1928.
Hillsborough High School is one of the South's oldest high schools and the oldest high school in Hillsborough County. Although the school probably dates closer to 1880, a room over a Franklin Street livery stable in 1885 is recognized as the first location of the school. Hillsborough High School moved into its present day home, located at 5000 N. Central Ave., in 1928.
1928 Yearbook

(Top Right) With Inscription:

HOWARD REED...............................Academic
A chemistry student of marked ability.
Though rather quiet in manner, Howard has a pleasing personality.

 He was in the Chemistry Club, the Scientific Society,  and the Home Tech Club.

 The description of the Home Tech Club is: "Another new club in Hillsborough is the Home Tech club for boys. They study how to cook simple dishes, the proper manner in which to serve a meal, how to carve meat and various other things that every host should know. The subject of dress is also included in the club program. So much enthusiasm and interest in the club has been shown by the boys that the club has grown to more than twice the original size. It was necessary to divide the club into two parts for laboratory work.'

Amazingly, this was one of the bigger clubs in the school.

The 1930 Census shows Dad living in Miami, Dade County, Florida. On line 29 it recounts he is a "roomer" (meaning boarder), he is single, 19 years old, going to school, and is working as a laborer in the paper supply business. I remember seeing a little notebook where Dad itemized every cent, and I remember seeing 2 cents written out for a postage stamp. Wish we could find this book. What a treasure.

Dad on the Left. What a handsome guy.

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