The Reed Pen

The Reed Pen

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Get To Know My Dad, Howard Vincent Reed

I decided my Dad's ancestry deserved some attention. He would so have enjoyed finding out about his relatives.

Born 15 Apr 1910 in Columbus, Franklin County, Ohio

This was written on the back of his pictures . "Isn't he cute. He looks like this too all the time."

This happy attitude continued his whole life. He was very even tempered. I can only remember his getting upset with me once. In fact, he raised his hand to spank me. Unbelieving that he was really mad at me, I pointed my index finger at his upraised hand and said touche. We both started laughing. He just didn't show much emotion,  but he sure was excited when the Playboy Club opened in Atlanta in 1965.

In the 1910 Census which was taken on April 19 he was 4 days old, the first born of Sherman, age 27, and Olive, age 26. They had been married 1 year. Dad's father was a retail hardware salesman, and they were renting a home. Sometime before the 1920 census Olive died perhaps in childbirth when Robert was born in 1911. Ida, dad's stepmother, had one more child my uncle Sherman. 

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